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How to write a curriculum vitae CV

How to write a curriculum vitae CV is a common question asked by many new job seekers who are just entering into their practical field.

There are various CV samples that are available on the internet and on various publications that can help them in making a solid curriculum vitae CV. Your CV is the reflection of your achievements in life as well as your educational background and all your industrial experience.

Is there a difference between a curriculum vitae CV and a resume?

You probably have a basic idea  how to write a curriculum vitae CV as you can get CV samples on-line for writing your CV curriculum vitae. You may have also have heard of the term resume, it is used widely in America, but distinguishes itself from a curriculum vitae CV as it’s far shorter, and primarily used in America for academic, scientific or research positions.

Let’s look into resume’s in greater depth. A resume is a bit shorter than the CV. A CV covers two or three pages whereas, the resume is written on one page. You have to provide all the necessary information in the resume, but you do not have to give an in depth of explanation. You have to be precise and to the point. You can write about all your educational background, past experience and your personal information and achievements, but in a concise manner.

cv curriculum vitaeWhat should I include in a curriculum vitae CV?

It’s not so difficult. You just need to follow CV samples and you can easily write an eye catching curriculum vitae CV. Below are some points that may be of help;

  • You have to make notes regarding your work experience, whether paid or unpaid, as well as the nature of the job, was it was full time or part time? You have to give clear details about your previous job such as the name of the company, your job title and your responsibilities.
  • You have to list your educational background. Mention everything relating to your degree/s and your achievements during your education. If you have got any certificates or diplomas, then mention those also.
  • If you have any special achievements that you want to share with your new employer, then you also have to mention those in detail. In essence sell yourself!
  • There are different CV samples that can give you hints and tips when writing your curriculum vitae CV. After making notes on the listed vacancy, you have to specify your skills to match the job requirements, tailor your CV to go hand in hand with the advertisement, don’t get lazy as this extra research can land you the job.
  • At the start of the CV, you have to give full personal details. You have to write your name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, marital status and nationality is optional, in my humble opinion slightly old school as it has no bearing on your capabilities in fulfilling the role.
  • After writing personal details, you have to write an objective which reflects your purpose of joining the firm. Your objective should be concise and described it in one or two lines.
  • You have to give details about your education and qualifications. Specify your degrees as well as your specialization.
  • You have to list all of your past experience, preferably in bullet points so new employers can quickly view your skill sets.
  • CV samples also show that while writing curriculum vitae CV, you have to give details about your interests. After all nobody want to spend 40 hours a week with someone they have nothing in common with, try and be as open as you can.
  • At the end of the CV, you have to write about references. Available upon request is a big NO NO, don’t make the hiring managers job any harder than it needs to be, there thank you, hopefully in the form of a job.
  • You have to be consistent in finding the jobs and must learn the art of altering your CV according to the job requirements. If you are applying for a teaching role, then your managerial experience will not help you. If you do not have any relevant experience, then highlight your transferable skills.

I hope this information relating to you curriculum vitae CV has helped, if you want a comprehensive step by step guide on finding the job you deserve, instantly download our newly released ebook, How do I get a job UK.

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Curriculum Vitae CV

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