How to get a job after gross misconduct

How to get a job after gross misconduct

How to get a job after gross misconduct

Knowing that you are going to be fired is probably the worst news an employee can ever receive. One question you don’t want to be asking yourself is How to get a job after gross misconduct. To avoid this dilemma, it is a good idea for employees to fully understand the concept of what constitutes misconduct, as it’s often overlooked. Mis conduct will be outlined in the company’s rules and guidelines and should not be overlooked. By reading your firms rules you can avoid any sort of unknown allegations for misconduct.

The majority of employees remain unsure of general employment legislation; it has always been a complete minefield to explore.

This general lack of knowledge can lead to violations within the organization which can ultimately end in their job being terminated. The rules and regulations found in an organization’s manual vary between firms; one thing that will not vary is that employees are bound to follow these regulations to the letter to avoid any allegations for misconduct.

One problem encountered is that these rules are often mis interpreted  by the employees. The dismissal of any employee generally falls into two categories; one is general misconduct, and the other one is the gross misconduct.

1.      General Misconduct:

This refers to the minor misconducts committed by the employee within the working environment. Such types of misconducts do not require direct dismissal. However continual disciplinary hearings may lead to eventual dismissal.

2.      Gross Misconduct:

This is the serious one, and generally a sackable offense. It is viewed that the employee may pose some serious risks towards the functioning of the organization. Examples are; theft, assault etc…

how to get a job after gross misconductAre you still asking yourself how to get a job after gross misconduct? Or what to list on your CV?

The worst case scenario is if an employee is accused of gross misconduct and fired even though he/she was performing fairly and to his/her best ability. In most cases employees resign themselves and leave the organization, as an alternative to being fired by the employer. But in some situations the employee might try and appeal before a tribunal, but may still end up getting fired. After this incident occurs, the need will arise to rewrite their resume in search of a new job and are left to ponder how to get a job after being fired.

The discontinuation of a job due to misconduct can be a daunting prospect, but remember you still have all your qualities and skills that you had before this incident. Although it seems a bad predicament, sometimes the more pressurized and powerful a hit you receive, the more power you have to muster in order to bounce back. You must update your resume and must refresh your mind. Forget the past as it is not the end of the world!


After the chapter of dismissal draws to a close, the fact that either the dismissal was fair or was unfair becomes irrelevant; the question that now arises is how to get a job after gross misconduct? This is no doubt a serious problem and requires proper attention to be solved.

Below are some tips which may not be the ultimate solution to the question of how to get a job after gross misconduct but may be helpful and give you an insight into this matter.

  • Never lie in the resume about anything. False information can lead to mistrust in the future as honesty is always the best policy.
  • Another option while applying for a new job after this incident is that the employee may not list their previous experience. A lot depends on certain factors, for example the number of years of experience in the company, as working for ten years in a company has different worth to a summer placement within a firm.
  • Never say a bad word about the company, a diplomatic answer is far better than a bitter one. The new employer could view this as being unprofessional which will do you no favours. In this situation, you must first draw a line under the past, and then go in search of a new job.
  • One also needs to re evaluate ones career development strategy to move ahead. In this way, getting fired from a job provides some benefits; first it brings an opportunity to change your career direction. This strategy will open up new windows to explore new learning skills th at can compliment that new found career.
  • The best way to get a job after being fired may be getting help from a professional career coach. This will not only help the person in determining what job suits him best  but they may also be help you in getting a new job.
A Conclusion on How to Get a Job after Gross Misconduct

How do I get a job after gross misconduct

It is not doubt the worst ever incident that can occur, especially if the employee has served many years and feels the decision is unreasonable. One thing the employee needs to do is ensure the dismissal which has occurred is fair. Unfair dismissal can generate feelings of helplessness, fear, anger and depression. After confirmation via a tribunal, instead of wasting time, one should strive for improvement and  exploit better opportunities. The worst things to do is sit around asking how to get a job after gross misconduct, it is counter productive!!!

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 How to Get a Job after Gross Misconduct


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