How to get a Job Tips 11- 15

how to get a job




How to Get a Job Tips 11- 15

How to Get a Job

Getting hired is not as difficult as most people think but only if they’ve taken the necessary time and effort to know what the dos and don’ts are for job hunting. Do yourself a favor and avoid the most common newbie mistakes that are likely to get your application turned down without it being even read. You don’t want to be wondering how to get a job in six months time, and you wont be were here to help! We offer loads of useful tips that you will never have considered in our e book, which is instantly downloadable! take action!.

Tip #11: Always be reachable

How to get a job - stay in contactIf you are hunting for a job, and you already have your resume uploaded in online resume banks and with various HR departments, then you can’t afford to go out of range for whatever reason. It’s very important to be available to take a call from one who could be your future employer. If you miss that all-important call, you usually won’t get a second one. It’s that easy to lose job opportunities if you are not careful.

If for any reason you would have to be out of touch, make sure to forward all your calls to your voice mailbox or someone who can take your calls on your behalf. Either way, make sure that you use your answering machine or your friend to explain why you are currently unavailable. If you do not have an auto responder for your email then at least have your emails forwarded to someone else as well.

Tip #12: If in doubt – ask

Let’s say you’ve been suddenly invited to a job interview or you’ve suddenly been asked to take an application exam. What do you do? How long will the interview last? Do you need to bring a pen or pencil for the test? Instead of letting doubts ruin your chances of getting employed, play it safe and just ask for clarification.

Tip #13: Know the company you are applying to

You’ll always get to score a lot of brownie points when you do this. By researching the company, you’ll have a better idea of what they’re looking for in an applicant and how you can best help them.

Fast Tube by Casper

Tip #14: Always include a cover letter – even if they haven’t asked for it

Cover letters – as long as they’re expertly written and polished – will always win you approval. So take your time writing them and be sure to let your personality shine through them.

Tip #15: Personalize your cover letter with a postscript

Granted, cover letters with postscripts are unheard of but those that do usually get read first. Postscripts allow you to stand out so you should take as much time as needed to choose the right words to say with your postscript. It could very well get you a job if you choose well!

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 How to get a job

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