How to get a job Tips 22-26

How to get a job Tips 22-26

Here are this weeks tips. If you missed any of the previous weeks how to get a job tips click here

Tip #22: Use more than one source for finding a job.

Maybe this was fine decades ago, when there were fewer people than there are now, but it’s no longer practical to search for jobs using just one source today. If you used to search for job listings in newspapers, then maybe it’s time to broaden your search a little bit. Look for job postings online. Visit your community center and there could be local job posting you may be interested in as well. Most importantly of all, get the word out – let people you know that you’re looking a job. Who knows? It could be the ticket you’ve been waiting for.

Tip #23: Focus on the job description, and not the job position.

You want the job of a researcher so you automatically look past job postings for, say, administrative assistants and PAs. But is this really a good idea?

In the end, you have to remember that there are really no official laws that would prevent one company from using another term to describe a position that you normally with another term. Accountants for Company X could be bookkeepers for Company Y but it can amount to the same thing.

Remember that your main objective here is to look for a job that you’d love. What it would be called is immaterial.

Tip #24: Expand the geographical range of your job search.

Times are hard so not a lot of people can afford to be too picky when it comes to job hunting. If you’ve only focused on openings in your town or city but failed to find one that appeals to you, maybe it’s time to expand your search a little bit once more. This time, how about considering openings in nearby towns? Would it really be so bad to have to wake up thirty minutes earlier than usual just to get to work? At least you’d have a job you love and – by the end of the month – a paycheck to settle your bills.

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 Tip #25: Stay away from scams!

There are all kinds of them, and it would be difficult to describe them one at a time. Ultimately, you just need to remember one thing: you are never supposed to pay a fee to be hired. If there’s a posting that requires an upfront fee, then that’s definitely a scam.


Tip #26: Make how to get a job searching a part of your routine.

Are you truly serious about finding a job? Then act like it! Don’t just look for a job when you have time to kill. Make it a point to set aside a specific part of your day for job searching, regardless of whether you’re doing it on the phone, online, or applying in person. What matters is that you’re doing something actively to reach your goal.

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How to get a job

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