How to get a job Tips 27-32

how to get a job tips

How to get a job Tips 27-32

Good afternoon everyone, here are you latest How to get a job tips.

Tip #27: Get a more “experienced” job hunter to accompany you in your first few days.

If you know someone who’s also searching for the same job as you do and he has more experience about it, too, consider joining forces – especially if there is more than one vacancy being offered. This way, you’ll be able to observe a “master” in action. Learn from him and try to apply similar changes in your life.

Keep in mind that the operative word here is ‘learn’ and not to imitate. You will have fewer chances of getting employed if you insist on acting like someone else instead of just being yourself.

Tip #28: Send your resumes even to companies that don’t have current openings.

how to get a job
When you send your resume to a company that’s not currently hiring, your resume doesn’t go straight to the trash. It’s collected and archived instead for possible future use. And when an opening does come up, most HR departments consider it routine to go over the applications they’ve accepted previously and see if they can find a potential match.

Tip #29: Ignore the ‘experience’ part in job listings and send your resume anyway.

Yes, it’s true that most firms would prefer hiring someone with a considerable amount of experience for their openings. But that doesn’t mean they don’t change their minds at all. They certainly do, and there are also a lot of instances when firms actually choose someone with less experience over those who have already been working in the field for years. Ultimately, it’s all because of the potential they see in the other person – the kind that they may also see in you.

Tip #30: Make use of your connections.

At the end of the day, if you are really desperate to find a job then maybe it’s time to use your connections and start collecting favors other people owe you. Granted, it’s not the ideal way to find a job but if you mean to take your work seriously then no harm should come to it.

Let people talk about how you’ve used your connections to get your job. You can always prove to them afterwards that you deserve the job.

Jobs are as elusive as true love nowadays – sometimes even more so. If you are truly determined to get a job, then you need to practice becoming more realistic about expectations. Always remember that it’s fine to start off with a less than glamorous job as long as it has the potential for growth.

Tip #31: Consider part-time job vacancies.The nice thing about part-time jobs is that they tend to be flexible with their hours. Because of this, you have a good chance of getting two or even three part-time jobs without having to split yourself between them. Combine the paychecks from all these part-time jobs and you may even be earning more than your manager!

Tip #32: Start working on your elevator speech.An elevator speech consists of two to three sentences max, and it’s what you use in any interview that includes the dreaded question “Tell me about yourself”.The best elevator speeches give a precise indication of what kind of experience and skills you can contribute to a company as well as what your personality is like. If you haven’t created any elevator speech for yourself before, then do so now! Come up with about five or so selections then see which ones are the best.

Perhaps you can combine the best sentences from several of your selections until you come up with the ideal elevator speech.With a prepared elevator speech, you’ll be able to impress your interviewer with how concise your answer is.See what other people are saying about How do I get a job ebook. Remember it has a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked, what do you have to loose?

How to Get a Job


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