How to get a job Tips 33-37


How to get a job Tips 33-37

Happy Sunday everyone, if you still don’t have a job to get up for tomorrow, check out this weeks how to get a job tips. If there are any other tips you wish to share please leave a comment.As always you can read our previous how to get a job tips here. Keep your eyes open for our limited period price drop in the lead up to Christmas.

Tip #33: Expand your network.

Sometimes, you learn about the best jobs not from job search sites or the classifieds but from people you know. That’s why it’s also important to invest time and effort in building new relationships with other people. Join group activities and organizations in your area. Work hard to create a good impression on other people. They’re unlikely to recommend you for a job posting they know if they don’t know you and can’t trust you. you can expand your network further online by using LinkedIn. See a brief introduction on the video below.

Tip #34: Don’t forget how the government can help you out!

There are many ways for the government can help you out, but first and foremost you shouldn’t forget that the government in itself is a potential employer. In fact, it’s pretty great to work for the government because you get to enjoy a lot more security and benefits when you do.

how to get a job

Tip #35: Sign up for free classes, workshops, seminars – and anything else that can help hone and increase your skillset.

Again, the government – through its state and local agencies and offices – frequently offers all kinds of free programs and activities for its beloved citizens. You should take advantage of this as many of them will offer you the kind of training that will make you a more impressive candidate for the job that you love. Non-profit associations also offer such programs from time to time so keep your eyes and ears open. Search online for related news regularly so that you’d be the one of the first to take advantage of them.

If you’ve been trying so hard to get a job but have been unable to do so, the best way to resolve your dilemma sometimes lies in determining what exactly is causing you to fail in the first place. Feel free to share any UK workshops or seminar with your peers here.

Tip #36: Finish your degree.

One possible reason why you may have so much difficulty getting a job is simply because you are underqualified for most types of jobs in the market today. Or it could be that you are underqualified for the job that you’re particularly aiming for. Either way, the solution is simple: go back to college and finish your degree. Job hunting after that is sure to have better results.

Tip #37: Acquire a specialization.

Getting a job is a lot easier if you have an edge over other applicants. One competitive advantage that you can work on developing would be to have a specialized skill or knowledge that’s relevant to your desired job.

We have some great resources in our book How do I get a job UK, for you to carve the perfect CV, but if you would rather leave to our expert team click here. 



How to Get a Job


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