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I hope you have all had a good week, here are some more tips on how to get that job you are looking for, please leave any comments you feel will help others. if you missed last weeks tips you can find them here

How to get a job tips 38-42

Tip #38: Learn a different language.

A person who speaks English, Mandarin, or Spanish can virtually speak to 1/3 of the world’s entire population. If you speak all three then you can practically speak to the whole world. Language is that powerful and it just might be the key you need to unlock the perfect job for you.

Of course, learning another language is easier said than done. But it’s not impossible. It takes time, money, and effort but it’s also the best investment that anyone can make. You can start by self-studying. Your local library is sure to have audio courses and books for you to borrow. There are also plenty of sites that offer free lessons and tutorials for learning a particular language. Lastly, there are many opportunities for you to practice what you learn – and thus increase your proficiency – online and in the real world.

Tip #39:  Job fairs are still effective.

Once in a while, you’ve probably heard from a friend or family relation how the job fair they’ve attended was not at all effective and that they’ve sworn off attending another one ever again. Well, that’s their experience – not yours. You should still take the time to attend these job fairs because – in the end – there’s no way for you to predict if you can get a job or not in such events. The only way to know is to attend it.

In many cases, job fairs require pre-registration and sometimes there are also only limited slots offered. It’s for this reason that you should also stay alert for the latest news about job fairs. If you get a whiff about one, don’t hesitate to sign up early! There’s nothing to lose by doing so anyway.

how to get a job

Tip #40: Research about new jobs or new variations on old jobs.

New kinds of jobs pop up every so often because people’s needs evolve as a form of response to how times and the world around them change. Writers in the past can only apply for work as journalists, scriptwriters, and authors. But now, they can also apply as bloggers or article writers online!

If you can’t find an opening for the usual jobs, then maybe you’re more suited to apply for newer jobs. So go ahead and learn more about them now!

Most people assume that it’s always the most skilled and experienced that get the job. They usually do, yes, but not always. Sometimes, it’s about how good you are at taking risks as well.

Tip #41: Follow-up on your application.

That’s right! You’ve heard and read this advice in the past, but you still chose to ignore it. After all, what if you get humiliated in the process? But then – what do you really have to lose? Follow-up calls or emails – as long as they’re done at the right time and in the right manner – won’t be a bother to your interviewer. In fact, it may even be a blessing because it could be that your interviewer was aiming to give you the job but couldn’t after losing or misplacing your file.

Again, you won’t know what can happen without taking a risk.

Tip #42: Ask questions during an interview, too.

Job interviews are not just about learning who you are and what you can do. It’s also about figuring out if you are great to work with and would make a pleasant fit with the company. An interviewer will have an easier time determining the answers to those questions if you take the risk of opening up and relaxing during the interview. In fact, it’s always a good thing if you can turn the tables around and act like it’s a normal conversation between the two of you. Ask the most burning questions in your mind and let the interview not be in doubt about how interested you are in the job!


How to Get a Job

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