How to Get a Job Tips 6-10

How to Get a Job Tips 6-10

Getting a job is frequently harder than most people think and – thanks to recession – this is true even for those with already considerable experience and skills to offer to a company, no doubt you have already asked yourself how to get a job in the current climate. Here are some tips to help you get off the job search market as quickly as possible.

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Tip #6: Consider asking for help from headhunters or recruitment agencies.

With headhunters and job search firms, it’s usually the employer who pays the bill once it makes a match between employee and employer. With recruitment agencies, it’s the opposite and you would need to pay the company to help you get a job.

Either way, it’s essential that you get these companies’ attention. Make sure they have your name on their lists. Even if in the end you’d have to pay a nominal fee, it would mean having your dream job. Just make sure, however, that the fees being charged are reasonable.

Tip #7: Search “out of the box”.

Just because you are a newly certified accountant does not mean you should only apply for a job in accounting firms. Explore your alternatives. Virtually every kind of business – even non-profit ones – needs accountants to manage their books. It’s just a matter of looking for a company that requires your services and where you would make a perfect fit.

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Tip #8: Gain as much work-relevant experience as you can.

This is especially important for fresh graduates and those who have not been working for years. You need to prove to prospective employers that you won’t be a liability to the company when hired. Even though you’ve never worked for a particular type of company or in the relevant setting before, you still have experience to offer because of your apprenticeship, the workshops or seminars you have attended, and the hours you have volunteered to work with non-profit organizations.

Tip #9: Be courteous and professional at all times.

If you want to learn how to get a job successfully, then the bottom line for all these tips comes down to your ability to display good etiquette at all times. Courtesy and professionalism will make colleagues want to work with you and make prospective employers want to hire you. More often than not, company owners consider an applicant’s display good manners more important than hiring a qualified individual who’s unimaginably rude and unprofessional

Tip #10: Get a professional to help you with your application “package”.

In fact, you may have to work with several types of professionals in order to complete your application package, which basically consists of all the documents you have to submit when applying for a job. To start with, you should hire a professional writer or editor to look over your resume and cover letter. Let them proofread and revise it as necessary. Keep in mind, however, that writers have their own specializations so make sure you choose one with the kind of skills you need.

You should also hire a professional photographer to take your ID photo. Get a digital copy of it so you can print as many as you need at home.

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 How to get a job

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