How to get a job with a criminal record

get a job with a criminal record

How to get a job with a criminal record

To be honest, finding a job with a criminal record is not an easy task.  That doesn’t mean you should give up, or that it is impossible.  Happily, there are actually a few things you can do to get yourself on track and ultimately with a new job.  How do you begin?  What can you do to better your chances at landing some employment?  Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.

To begin, learn about the resources that are available to you and use them!  There are organizations out there that can help you get a job with a criminal record.  One example is the Safer Foundation.  Some companies even receive grants to hire those with criminal convictions, find out which ones do in your area.  Another resource could be your parole officer (if you are on parole) or your solicitor.  Ask them for help or suggestions, you may be surprised and find they have contacts or other organizations that can be of service to you.

Limiting the damage to get a job with a criminal record

Some try to have charges reduced or records expunged, look into your options.  It is a good idea to know the laws of the land.  What exactly needs to be disclosed on your resume can vary from one state to the next, do your homework.  For those who have arrests without a conviction or those who have arrests that are not currently pending, depending where you are, you may not need to disclose this information.  That being said, the next point to keep in mind: be honest.job with a criminal record

Honesty really is the best policy when it comes to finding a job with a criminal record.  Lay it out for your potential employer.  You may feel criminal convictions and employment don’t go together, but taking an honest and sincere approach could get you hired.  If you are open, it shows a bit of humility and willingness to do good.  Every employer wants that from those they hire.  Show, whether on your resume or during the interview, what you have been doing to better yourself.  Volunteer work, certificates for good conduct, all of these add up and paint a good picture.  If you are not honest, or try to hide certain facts, once they are discovered it could mean immediate termination. If you are UK based you can also call 08456060234 for the latest vacancies with job centre plus, you can also find more information on getting a job with a criminal record by clicking this hyper-link.

If you are trying to build up your resume, take whatever job you can at first.  Apply to as many jobs as you can.  Be realistic, you probably won’t land a job as a police officer if you have a criminal record.  Even if you have to work in retail or at a restaurant chain, being a good employee.  This will build up a good resume.  Eventually it could open some doors to better employment.

Have faith you will get a job with a criminal record

In all, don’t give up.  Be positive, honest and sincere.  Getting a job with a criminal recordcan be overwhelming, but there are opportunities out there.  Keep your head up, use your resources and persevere, there is a job out there for you!

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Job With a Criminal Record

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