How to use Linkedin to get a job

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How to Use Linkedin to Get a Job

With tough economic times facing most of us today, have you found yourself asking ‘where can I find a job?’  While many are experiencing the same worrisome situation, there are things you can do to increase the likelihood of finding decent employment.  One helpful resource is networking.  For example Linkedin can be a valuable resource for job placement and employment opportunities.  How can networking for a job benefit you?  How can you use Linkedin to get a job?  Here is some useful information and a few tips to ensure getting the most out of your Linkedin profile.  Starting on a fulfilling career may only be a few clicks of the mouse away.

Linkedin is a directory of professionals and companies.  It is a network where you can search, hire, connect with students, affiliates and different industries.  Think of it as business information at your fingertips.  And, just in case you are unsure, Linkedin is used by members of each of the 500 Fortune 500 companies!  Signing up and creating a profile puts you out there with some of business’ elite.  Once you have created a profile, be sure to make it appealing.  Do not lie, but be sure to list skills, experience and add a smart photo of yourself for that little something extra.  Work at making connections with others by increasing your visibility.  Be sure that your connections are trustworthy and will help you get to where you want to go.  Networking for a job, especially when using Linkedin can bring great results that may even surprise you.

Linked In jobs Once you have yourself set-up on Linkedin, you are well on your way to answering the question ‘where can I find a job?’.  Now though comes the maintenance.  While you are searching for jobs in different industries that appeal to you, be sure to keep your profile current.  Learn about what potential employers are looking for and try to match your skill set with some of them.  Stay connected and keep yourself visible.  One excellent way to get noticed is to ask and answer questions that are posted by others.  This will really put you out there and increase the connections you have.  By networking for a job you are casting your proverbial net into fruitful waters.  Keep at it and be diligent.  Many are surprised at how quickly they are ‘discovered’.  There are those who reportedly were hired within a day of posting their profiles!

Using Linkedin to find a job is a smart way to search out employment.  By giving forethought to your profile and having in mind some direction, you can land employment before you know it!  So, keep at it.  Stay positive and focused.  Work at making connections that will really help you and stay visible.  By doing these things you can successfully use Linkedin to get a job!

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