Interview Techniques

Interview Techniques

Have you applied for various job positions recently?  Have you finally landed an interview?  If so, no need to be nervous.  We have a few pointers to get you through and who knows, this may be the one.  When going on an interview, and even if you are the interviewer, there are some interview techniques anyone can apply to make it a success.  Lets take a look at some helpful guidelines to give you that extra edge.

Just a few important interview techniques you can use

  • Preparation.  Like any important undertaking, preparation can be key.  It helps settle nerves and gives us a little more confidence.  So what do you need to do to prepare?  First of all, it is a good idea to research the company.  Think of what questions you would like to ask while at your interview.  If you feel you might forget something, write it down and take it with you.
  • Appearance.  First impressions are important, as unfair as it sounds.  When going on an interview there are a couple rules you should follow.  First dress professionally.  Even if the position you applied for is entry level, dress to impress.  Be sure your hair, nails and clothes are clean, neat and overall well groomed.  It shows that you care about yourself and gives the idea that you will care about your job too.interview techniques
  • Body language.  As important as appearance, your body language says volumes about you too.  With this in mind, keep good eye contact and make sure your handshake is firm.  A smile goes a long way too!
  •  Arrive early.  As a general rule, you should arrive at east 15 minutes early.  This gives you a chance to fill out any extra paperwork and to settle in a bit.
  • Write a Thank You note.  It is polite and keeps them thinking about you.  Sending a thank you note after your interview is a good idea, so stop by the store and pick up a card on the way home.

Interview questions and answers are usually well thought out.  They are used by the interviewer to determine if you and the position are a good match.  Interview questions should be answered honestly and if you don’t understand a question, its OK to ask for clarification.  Be positive and let them know your strengths.  Put your best foot forward.  Try to relax and be yourself.  Try to view the interview questions as a positive way to showcase your qualifications.  Now is your chance to let them know what an asset you would be to the business.

Interview techniques overview

 Interview techniquescan be useful.  They are time tested and proven to be effective.  By following the guidelines you too can make a success of your job interview.  Remember to be yourself.  Dress well, be punctual, prepared and don’t forget to send a thank you note.  Even if you don’t get the job, learn what you can and stay positive.  Your job is out there!


Interview techniques


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