I’ve been made redundant what do I do next?

Been made redundant what do I do

I’ve been made redundant what do I do next?

Due to the bad economic conditions we are currently under, everyone is worried about losing their job. Unemployment is growing, and those who are employed fear losing their jobs on a daily basis. If you are one of the unfortunate ones and you find yourself shouting I have been made redundant what do I do? Read on….

The most common cause for redundancies is that numerous companies have to downsize due to the recession. It’s really tough being made redundant, especially when you have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Depression can set in and you can spend your days worrying about your future.

If you are unfortunate enough to be one these people, then your question will be I have been made redundant what do I do next? Knowing what to do when made redundant is crucial.

It’s a confusing time, your mind can become blank to the point that you can no longer cope with the problem at hand. But fear not, there is light at the end of the tunnel, there are lots of options that can help you through these tough times. Try not to worry it’s not the end of the world there are other jobs out there, possibly better ones.

been made redundant what do I do

I’ve been made redundant what do I do? Is there a manual?

Unfortunately there isn’t and unless you have been redundant before you are going to be feeling pretty lost right now

Try following these simple rules to get yourself out of the rut you may feel you are in.

  • Take some time out to reflect. It can do you no harm. If you have completely lost motivation, have a change of scenery and catch up with some old friends, your come back fresher and more enthusiastic.
  • You can actually turn this predicament on its head. It’s time for you to make a change in your life and know what to do when made redundant!
  • Now think, were you satisfied with your previous job, was it giving you what you desired?. If you want to stay in that role but working for another firm then its ok, you should move ahead and search for a new job. But, if you really want to expand your knowledge base, and find a higher ranking, better paid job, then you must learn new skills which will make you more marketable.
  •  A good way of making yourself more marketable is re focusing on your CV, this will make you more appealing to future prospects. You must include your previous experience as well as any post redundancy skills you may have gained. You have to make a tailored CV that will attract employers in every field. You should not limit your choices, so definitely consider new job markets.
  • been_made_redundant_what_do_I_doYou must contact your previous colleagues, friends and relatives who can help you expand your network. The vast majority of jobs are in the hidden job market, in fact 80%! and the only source of getting these jobs is from your contact list and cold calling. Although you should not limit yourself to your list!. Leave your CV with every company you think may be hiring, it’s certainly a numbers game.
  • If you have a career consultant or an expert in career counseling, then that will certainly help. They can give you some guidance and answer the dreaded question I’ve been made redundant what do I donext? They are professionals who specialize in helping people, so fully utilize them! Get plenty of advice about what to do when made redundant. Not only can they help you expand your job market spectrum but assist you in finding a new job.
  • If you reach the interview stage and have been unlucky enough not to land the position, then you should ask them to give you some constructive feedback. It’s a great way of knowing what your weaknesses are, get to know about yourself , and be able to improve for the next available position/interview. You cant keep on doing the same thing and hope for different results!
  • Always remain relaxed, rather than getting hyper, because being frustrated will not help you in any way. Continually asking yourself I’ve been made redundant what do I do next will irritate you, and those around you. Take action it’s the only way forward.
  • On a positive note if you have lost your job, then you may be entitled to redundancy pay, which will help you in meeting your expenses until you get a good job. You should also note that you can claim benefits that the state will provide when out of work, as your are entitled, as long you don’t have savings in excess of 16,000 pounds (UK). By informing your  bank that you have lost your job, they may be more lenient with repayments of any mortgage or loan you may have with them, giving you some breathing space. You bank could potentially reduce your installments of repayment to the interest amount only. Although don’t take this for granted!!

I refuse to ask the question been made redundant what do I do!

When you have gone through all these steps, your life may not be solved but it will be a lot easier to manage, the main thing is to keep positive, worrying is like a rocking chair you go backwards and forwards but get nowhere! I’ve been made redundant what do I do next is a hellish situation. Nobody wants to lose his or her job, but it’s not the end of the world that’s for sure.

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Been made redundant what do I do


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