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Are you job seeker in need of government help?

There are plenty of job seekers that are in search of jobs, especially in these hard times. They have no doubt tried getting a job, but they always fail because they are not using the right strategy. I’m a firm believer that you make your own luck! Use the right system and luck will come your way.

If you are a job seeker, and you haven’t been fortunate to date, then you should not worry. If you are a job seeker based in theUK, then you are entitled to certain benefits and tax credits.

The UK government supports an unemployed job seeker by giving them a job seeker’s allowance, and where applicable housing benefits. You may be asking how to claim job seekers allowance? It requires some important steps and certain conditions have to be fulfilled by the job seeker to be entitled to the allowance.

Job seeker requirements

Job seeker UKThese are:

  • The person has to be unemployed. A job seeker is eligible for the job seeker’s allowance as long as he/she are working no more than 16 hours per week paid or unpaid.
  • You must actively be seeking work, and prove so every two weeks with your local job centre representative.
  • You must be over 18 years of age unless you are estranged from parents/family. The weekly rate will increase if you are above the age of twenty five.
  • You must have no more than £16000 pounds in savings.

There are many job seekers in the UK who have relevant qualifications and experience, but they do not have the ability to express themselves, and they do not know that how to sell themselves in the job market. That is the main reason we put together the e book How do I get a job UK, as we saw this trend was getting bigger and bigger by the day and we wanted to help.

How can a job seeker increase his chances of employment?

It is very important that the job seeker is confident in his/her abilities., it’s been reported in the news that there are many students who want to work, but it is an employer’s market and jobs are few and far between. Thankfully they will be supported by the government. In many countries a job seeker would have to depend solely on their families.

You must not just rely on the jobs advertised in the job centre; the ‘hidden job market’ is huge and should be capitalized on. It’s yet another angle we cover in our book, my nephew was only asking a week ago how to get a job in the UK, but has managed to exploit the hidden job market and find a well paid job. It’s amazing what results you can get with the right formula in place.

It is certainly comforting to know that you won’t go hungry, but from personal experience I can tell you that you must not become complacent and keep searching for employment 8 hours a day everyday!. Your ‘new job’ is to get a job, not just a part time chore you fit around your daily life. You’re unable to even go on holiday whilst on job seekers allowance; it’s no way to live but a helpful stepping stone through these difficult times.

For all the latest tricks and tips please download our e book, were so confident we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The risk is on us!


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