The hidden job market

The hidden job market

If you are entering into your practical life it can be a very daunting prospect. These days you really do have to struggle a lot to find a position . There are some people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and they do not have to struggle in life. They easily get what they wish for and they do not have to roam around trying to find a job. Lucky them! for the rest of us it’s a different story!

However, it is very rare. The majority of the population in this world have to earn a living to pay the bills. They seek for jobs that can give them some output in life. There are lots of jobs that are advertised in the daily newspapers, magazines and on the internet, however there is another market. The hidden job market this is where jobs are not advertised by traditional means. Did you know that 80% of companies do not advertise their jobs. To find a job in this market is a really a hard task because these jobs are not advertised publicly.

Hidden job market

 It is a common practice nowadays in the job market, that employers ask their employees if they know any potential candidates who are currently seeking a job and are eligible for the vacant post. Most of the hiring is done through this channel, and all the other compatible and deserving candidates remain unaware of the job on offer. These jobs are not posted in the media because employers do not want to hire unknown employees with no insider references. The hidden job market has created lots of problems for unemployed people, it’s sad to see non deserving people get these jobs just because of who they know not what they know.

Hidden Job Market


Networking for a job highly depends on the recruitment process, regular job seekers will never get the information for the hidden job market, unfortunately people want to keep this information to themselves, especially in these tough times. You may end up asking yourself, How do I get a a job in the UK?

There are many people who feel ashamed of telling their peers they are jobless, to save face they may portray that they have a good job for a well reputed companyand life is going just great. It is counter productive though, as by lying to their friends, they also lose the chance of acquiring a job in the hidden job market.

What Steps Can I Take to Open the Hidden Job Market ?

Employees of a company are the great source for networking for a job post. So just be honest and reach out to your friends and relatives. Aside from this you must;

  • Search for the occupation or industry which matches your qualification, experience and skills. Searching for an irrelevant occupation in times of desperation will not open any doors because employers hire according to the job requirements.
  • The hidden job market is very difficult to explore, so networking for a job is a must. You should list your personal contacts that can aid you open up this new found hidden job market. It will help a job seeker broaden there reach on a vast platform, instead of just relying on different websites and media.
  • You should also call  different organisations directly instead of sending impersonal emails. As a consequence they have you on their database and will invite you for an interview if they have any vacancies in the future that match your skills, abilities and qualifications. It is a good way of selling yourself directly in the job market.
  • You should attend different seminars and workshops because present will be many employers who are searching for the potential job seekers. You will get to know about general business conditions and the general job market, which could prove really useful. Selling yourself to potential employers through face to face engagement  definitely forms part of a winning strategy.
  • You must keep a record of all your meetings that you had with employers. It’s great for future reference when contacting these employers for any new job vacancies.
  • The hidden job market can be  really tough for graduating students, as they wont have a very vast network. Although fear not! companies do often contact universities and colleges to hire new employees, rather than advertising via media.

Have Patience With The Hidden Job Market!

If you are continually trying your best, then there is way out of employment for you. Just be patient and don’t give up!. Good things come to those who wait.You will get fruitful results, just keep on networking to find the hidden job market, because there are a lot more jobs than you think.

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Hidden Job Market


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